Prompt: MS/Fox-mask man; tell me a secret
Rating: G/PG

'If I pull this mask aside, what will I find underneath?' )


Prompt: Kayo, MS; Kayo watches MS sleep and sees things in him she does not expect.
Rating: PG

'Just who did he save?' )


Prompt: MS; cyberpunk AU "ghost in the shell"
Rating: PG
Notes: Just... don't ask. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking, okay. I was half asleep when I wrote it, and am merely relieved it contains no flying walruses. (This was also supposed to contain Otherself, but somehow I completely failed in that regard. On the upside, it also fits the "ghost in the machine" prompt from the last 'thon, though I have no idea if it's at all Gibson-ish.)

This modern age has made of him a strange and flickering thing. )


Prompt: female!MS/OS; with hands tied
Rating: R/NC-17
Notes: I turned MS into a chick and it's rated NC-17, that should be warning enough. Also, I realized belatedly that this is incredibly similar to some non-genderswitch porn I wrote for the two a while back.

She brings him struggling to his knees. )


Title: Anima
Pairing: MS/Kayo/genderswitch!Otherself (m/f/f)
Rating: NC-17
Words: 523

It was embarrassing; she kept dreaming about not him but her. )


Fandom: Mononoke
Characters: MS, OS, Kayo
Prompt: Grief
Rating: G/PG
Date: 8/8/08
Originally written for the Mononoke 'thon on [profile] mononoke_anime.

An old woman becomes young again, right before his eyes. )


Pairing: MS/Otherself
Prompt: Fangs
Rating: NC-17
Date: Apr. 7th, 2008

Sometimes, it is like this: his other bound and growling, straining to break free. )


Pairing: MS/Kayo
Prompt: Masturbation as ritual
Rating: NC-17
Date: Apr. 4th, 2008

At first it is merely a sharp tugging, as if on a string. )


Prompt: Mononoke, "Medicine Seller/Kayo: the more things change, the more they stay the same"
Rating: PG/PG-13
Date: Jan 07, '08

The same woman looks out of a myriad different eyes: )


Request: Mononoke, "MS about +-12 years old"
Words: 189
Rating: G
Date: Jan 07, '08

It is nearly impossible, now, to remember a time before: )


Prompt: Mononoke, "The Medicine Seller and the passing of time"
Words: 368
Rating: G
Date: Dec 31, '07

Neither a line nor a circle, but a spiral... )


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