Shortfic written for [community profile] porn_tree.

Pairing: Raven/Oz (Pandora Hearts)
Prompt: "Protecting the master is supposed to be my job!"
Rating: G
Comments: From Raven's pov, therefore full of ridiculous uncontrollable woobie angst.

Gilbert wobbled a bit as he looked down at Oz curled up asleep on his couch. He sank down to the floor - a bit more heavily than he meant to, but Oz didn't stir - and rested his head on the edge of the cushions.

"From now on, I'll try to take better care of myself, so that I don't always have to rely on you," his master had said. The words had been sobering, but the sight of his master's small back receding from Gilbert's outstretched hand had been like a bucket of cold water to the face.

Protecting the master was supposed to be his job. His job. Not that stupid rabbit's. It wasn't a logical thought, he knew; if Oz hadn't formed that contract - if Gilbert had been too late, and that rabbit hadn't been there - but she was an intruder. She was the chain that would drag his master beyond his reach. That was unforgivable.

But it didn't sting half so much as those words, as the sight of that back falling away from him.

"So you don't have to rely on me? If you don't rely on me, what use am I?"

At the sound of his voice, Oz made a small sound, and Gilbert looked up, startled; but the boy only sighed and curled toward him, flopping one arm over his shoulder.

Gilbert laughed silently at himself as his chest clenched. It was what he had wished for, wasn't it? Watching his master recklessly hold himself up like a sacrifice time and time again, Gilbert only able to run after him, hoping he could catch him before he shattered, hoping there would still be something left to save; he had wished for an end to that, hadn't he?

Gilbert pinched the bridge of his nose. He couldn't protect a master that wouldn't take care of himself, but neither could he protect a master that didn't need him anymore.

"It's selfish, but this is all I have," Gilbert whispered. "Please don't leave me behind."

The blow to the back of his head came so suddenly and so unexpectedly that he let out a short, thoroughly undignified screech. He clutched at his smarting skull, swiveling around toward Oz. His master's eyes were open, too-bright in the dark.

"Stuuu-pid," said Oz, drawing the word out in a sing-song manner.

"You were awake?!"

"Of course I was awake."

"For how long?!" Gilbert felt his face flushing hotly. "Don't just keep lying there if you've already woken up!"

Oz grinned. "But then I wouldn't get to see Gil make that face, would I?"

"You -!" Gilbert gritted his teeth and sighed in defeat. "Nevermind."

Oz propped his head up with one arm, fixing Gilbert with his gaze. "You said you would absolutely stay by my side, didn't you? You don't mean to break that promise, do you?"

"No, of course not! That's not what I -"

"Well then, that just means you have to keep up, doesn't it?"

Gilbert blinked in surprise. "What?"

"If you're going to absolutely stay with me no matter what, then you'll just have to keep up with me." And then Oz gave him that smile, that tyrannical, golden smile, and Gilbert knew he'd been defeated before he even began.

"That's certainly..." said Gilbert slowly, "easier said than done."

"That's okay!" Oz said brightly. "You can just grab my hand. I'll won't let you fall behind."

Gilbert stared at him in amazement; then he started laughing, and once he started, he couldn't stop.

Oz pouted at him, puffing out his cheeks. "What's so funny? I'm being serious here."

"No," said Gilbert, "it's nothing." He reached up and ruffled Oz's hair. "I just can't compete with you, that's all." Oz tilted his head, his mouth forming a confused little 'o'.

Gilbert leaned over to the coffee table to retrieve his cigarettes; he noticed as he lit one that his fingers trembled, just a little. "All right," he said, blowing smoke through his lips. "Then I'll do my best to keep up."

But as he saw Oz's responding smile, he wondered if 'keeping up' didn't mean he would have to let go of that hand, instead of holding on. If it did - well, he would probably fail.


Pairing: Raven/Oz (Pandora Hearts)
Prompt: "'Body.' Oz hadn't realized how much his friend had grown, until he caught sight of him naked."
Rating: PG-13
Comments: Gratuitous Raven torture. (But Raven torture is never really gratuitous.)

"Gil, I brought you a towel!" Oz called out merrily, giving the door a cursory knock before walking in - and then he froze in mid-stride.

Gilbert had just stood up, preparing to step out of the bath. Oz's gaze instinctively followed the water droplets trailing down his friend's body.

"Um," said Gilbert, as he watched the boy's eyes grow huge in his head.


"Towel?" said Gilbert hopefully.

"Gil, that's - I had no idea!"

"Wha...what?" A note of panic crept into Gilbert's voice; he could not help but notice where his master was staring. He felt his face warm in a threatening manner and resisted the urge to cover himself.

"That's amazing, Gil! I'm so jealous!"

"What are you talking about?! Hurry and give me that towel!" The warmth across his cheeks was definitely not mere threat, but had bloomed into a flaming blush.

"Let me see, let me see!" Oz cried, radiating with glee as he advanced on his servant.

"What - what are you doing, you - wait - stop - STOP -"

The sounds of a short, muffled scream and a rather large splash echoed down the hallway.

"Oh, my," said Sharon, covering her mouth with a demure, gloved hand, her eyes shining expectantly.

"They certainly seem to be enjoying themselves," said Break.

"JUST WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TOUCHING, YOU -!" cried the voice from down the hall.

Alice rose from her seat, shaking with rage. "What does that seaweed head think he's doing with my servant?" she growled, and stalked off toward the bath.

Break watched her go. "Do you suppose we should stop her?"

"Oh," said Sharon, "I wouldn't presume."


Pairing: Lau/Madam Red/Ranmao (Kuroshitsuji)
Rating: R-ish

"Hmm..." Lau mused, cocking his head as he leaned over the woman resting on his cushions.

"What?" Madam Red asked testily.

"Oh, I was only wondering what could bring such an upstanding member of society to this sort of establishment, that's all..."

Madam Red glared at him half-heartedly, blowing a cloud of smoke into his face. "Do you always pry into your clientele's private affairs? Maybe I should go somewhere else."

Lau leaned back, held up a hand as if to fend off a blow. "Yaa, so cold! Must we be so formal?"

She did not deign to give him an answer.

"We're all friends here, aren't we?" said Lau, his lips curling into a smile. "A friend should always help a friend in need, right? I'm sure Ranmao could help you forget your troubles." His smile turned suggestive, almost leering, as Ranmao slipped from his side and over to Madam Red's.

The young woman slid over top of Madam Red, straddling her lap. The warmth of the girl slowly seeped through the many layers of her clothing. The contours of the body beneath that short skirt were obscenely apparent.

Madam Red looked at her long and hard; Ranmao's expression was as flat and unchanging as ever. "Is this the sort of establishment you run?" Madam Red asked, glancing at Lau over the girl's shoulder.

"What are you suggesting, Madam?"

"I'm not 'suggesting' anything. I'm accusing."

Lau pouted childishly. "You think that I would place my precious little sister into a compromising situation?"

"You - stop calling her your sister. It's creepy."

Lau tilted his head. "Does that mean you're not interested?"

Ranmao leaned forward then, placed her lips against Madam Red's ear, and whispered.

Madam Red's eyes went wide, her breath catching in her throat. Ranmao's hand slid over the curve of her back as she pressed her body against Madam Red's. The girl's breasts felt so soft and warm, the girl's body so welcoming as her thighs clenched gently around Madam Red's hips. A wet tongue flicked cat-like at the space just beneath her ear, and she gasped.

We can forget together. Please?

Madam Red's hands fell limply to her sides, her eyes squeezing shut, and Lau bent forward, rescuing the pipe from her fingers. She felt his leering gaze against her skin, but as Ranmao's small, slender fingers worked their way beneath her clothes, she no longer cared.


Pairing: Haruka/Youko (Tactics)
Rating: R-ish
Comment: Het, in MY Tactics? Idek, okay.

Just how it had gotten to this point was a little hazy.

Kantarou had left the house to them, out doing a job on his own for once. So why not have a little fun for once, Youko had reasoned? Sake was expensive, she'd said, but a little couldn't hurt, could it? And though Haruka was as unsociable as ever, once she'd waved the bottle under his nose he'd been agreeable enough.

And maybe they'd drank more than a little, but that still didn't explain this.

They stared at each other. Neither were quite sure where the last few hours had gone. Both struggled to remember why they were naked and so abominably sticky. Vague images surfaced: Youko's nails raking red lines down Haruka's back; Haruka's teeth cleaving bite marks all over Youko's neck, her shoulders, her breasts; the pounding, violent hunger of two youkai tangled together.

There was some awkward throat clearing, and then they tried to stare anywhere but at each other.

"Do you -" they both said at the same time.



"You kept getting your tail in my nose," Haruka offered.

"And you kept sneezing," said Youko. "Anything else?"

"I remember... complaining about Kantarou."

"Yes!" Youko exclaimed. "About how horrible of a master we have."

"How selfish," said Haruka.

"And greedy," Youko agreed.

"Then you said something about keeping such a handsome guy all to himself..."

They looked up at each other, realization dawning.

"Um," said Youko. "Oops?"

The sound of the door sliding open echoed from below. "Haruka-chan! Youko-chan! I'm back!" called Kantarou's voice cheerily.

Their eyes went wide in panic. "Do you think Kan-chan would be mad...?" asked Youko.

"I don't know," said Haruka. "I don't think I want to find out." They both shivered.

"Where is everyone?" came Kantarou's voice, along with the sound of his feet hitting the stairs.

They stared wildly at each other like cornered beasts. "THIS NEVER HAPPENED," said the youkai in unison, and Youko flew from Haruka's bed in a streak of brown fur.


From: (Anonymous)

pwahahaha!!! xD the second had me rolling on the floor! xD i could so totally see them doing something like that! xDDD thanks for writing and sharing with us! ^^ <3333

From: (Anonymous)

Oh God, I absolutely adore those two Gil/Oz ficcies you wrote. <333 The first one was so in-character, it was like taken right out of the manga. And the second one... *cackles wildly*


- Masiru-chan

From: (Anonymous)

I loved the first one sooo much! It was soooo cute! thank you for sharing!! <3

From: (Anonymous)

Oh, those Pandora Heart fics made me so happy. Raven/Oz makes me happy. :D It was adorable and. <33 Great Work.
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From: [personal profile] clearasmud

I love the Tactics fic - I wish more people wrote about Youko.

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