Title: The Horrible Horror from the Abyss!
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Rating: PG-13-ish
Summary: Break. Gil. Tentacles. Takes place soon after Gil acquires Raven. Not really a pairing fic, but Break's perving on Gil a bit.

'I was just thinking,' says Break, considering. 'This is a good look for you.' )
Approximately 5400 words of Gil/Break PWP. WHAT. HOW. THIS IS NOT EVEN MY SHIP WHAT THE HELL. I have no idea where this came from or why, okay. Nor why they seem to have an obsession with strangling each other. Wait okay no that's the part that actually makes sense.

Title: Mutual Exchange
Pairing: Gil/Break
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Takes place maybe two or three years before Oz returns from the Abyss. Gil and Break have an... arrangement.
WARNING: Neither safe nor sane (although on the tame side, as unsafe, insane sex goes), but it is consensual. (Although there are a couple of places that are a bit dubious.) Also I am a horrible person and this is nasty and depressing.

'Isn't it obvious?' says Break. 'I'm making an offer. Another mutual exchange.' )
Title: The Worst Idea in the History of Ever
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Pairing: Alice/Oz/Gil
Rating: R-ish
Summary: Let us assume that two or three years have gone by and the three are still together. Let us assume that Oz's mysterious powers of persuasion are put to extremely unwise ends. We have ourselves a failpie in the making.

The funny thing was, Oz hadn't even been serious. )
Title: Gunplay
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Pairing: Oz/Raven
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Contains flagrant molestation mishandling of a gun.

Boys liked guns, he reasoned, but wasn't this a little excessive? )
Title: The Drunken Cliche Fic of Ridiculous Length
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Pairing: Oz/Raven
Rating: NC-17 (for sexual content)
Comments: Originally written for the Pandora Hearts kink meme on LJ. I have no idea how it got so long; possibly because I was apparently trying to stuff as many ridiculous fic cliches as I could into one little fic.

'Gil, stop, there's no fire! You can't take off your clothes here!' )
Title: Big Bad Red Riding Hood
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Pairing: Lottie/Oz
Rating: PG-13
Comments: Oh dear god I'm going to hell.

Little Red Riding Hood (is a wolf) )
Title: Breaking Point
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Rating: PG/PG-13
Pairing: Raven/Oz-ish, but no more so than the actual manga

It hadn't mattered what he'd had to do, if it could help him save Oz; but he'd thought killing would be so much harder. )
Title: Nostalgia (Prompt: "Different")
Pairing: Raven/Oz
Rating: R-ish
Comment: Spoilers if you haven't read past ch. 7, but that pretty much goes for any Raven/Oz fic...

They are thirteen years old. )


Title: How to Tame a Raven
Pairing: Alice/Raven (yes, you read that right, don't judge me)
Rating: PG

'I already said it, didn't I?' she said, smirking. 'You don't have a choice.' )

Shortfic written for [community profile] porn_tree.

Pairing: Raven/Oz (Pandora Hearts)
Prompt: "Protecting the master is supposed to be my job!"
Rating: G
Comments: From Raven's pov, therefore full of ridiculous uncontrollable woobie angst.

'If you don't rely on me, what use am I?' )


Pairing: Raven/Oz (Pandora Hearts)
Prompt: "'Body.' Oz hadn't realized how much his friend had grown, until he caught sight of him naked."
Rating: PG-13
Comments: Gratuitous Raven torture. (But Raven torture is never really gratuitous.)

'That's amazing, Gil! I'm so jealous!' )


Pairing: Lau/Madam Red/Ranmao (Kuroshitsuji)
Rating: R-ish

We can forget together. Please? )


Pairing: Haruka/Youko (Tactics)
Rating: R-ish
Comment: Het, in MY Tactics? Idek, okay.

'Um,' said Youko. 'Oops?' )


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