Shortfic written for [community profile] porn_tree.

Pairing: Raven/Oz (Pandora Hearts)
Prompt: "Protecting the master is supposed to be my job!"
Rating: G
Comments: From Raven's pov, therefore full of ridiculous uncontrollable woobie angst.

'If you don't rely on me, what use am I?' )


Pairing: Raven/Oz (Pandora Hearts)
Prompt: "'Body.' Oz hadn't realized how much his friend had grown, until he caught sight of him naked."
Rating: PG-13
Comments: Gratuitous Raven torture. (But Raven torture is never really gratuitous.)

'That's amazing, Gil! I'm so jealous!' )


Pairing: Lau/Madam Red/Ranmao (Kuroshitsuji)
Rating: R-ish

We can forget together. Please? )


Pairing: Haruka/Youko (Tactics)
Rating: R-ish
Comment: Het, in MY Tactics? Idek, okay.

'Um,' said Youko. 'Oops?' )

Fandom: Claymore
Pairing: Helen/Deneve
Prompt: Too Damn Cold
Rating: PG-13/R-ish
Date: Sep. 21st '08

'Hey,' said Deneve. 'I'm not food.' )


Fandom: Getbackers
Prompt: Five Times Ban and Ginji Weren't Being Gay, No Really, They Swear
Rating: PG-13
Date: Sep 30, '08

1. The school girl outfits were a disguise, got it? So shut up about that. )


Fandom: Slayers Try
Prompt: Five Gifts Xellos Gave Filia For Her Birthday
Rating: PG
Date: Sep 30, '08

The day before Filia's birthday, he anonymously gifts her with a full set of exploding tea cups of his own design. )


Fandom: Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen
Pairing: Snow Queen/Gerda
Prompt: wrong
Rating: R-ish
Date: April 3rd '08

The years had melted away, since the summer had come. )


Fandom: Soul Eater
Pairing: Death The Kid/Patty/Liz
Rating: R-ish

Too much boob )


Fandom: Tactics
Pairing: Haruka/Kantarou
Prompt: Wings
Rating: NC-17
Date: April 4th '08

A tengu will always be a tengu, after all. )


Request: The Etched City, "Beth, the crocodillian baby and its slave prostitute mother"
Words: 232
Rating: PG
Date: Jan 07, '08

She had intended the thing for her bestiary, but she could think of no name to give it: )


Fandom: Vassalord
Title: Two For the Price of One, or, Charley's Worst Nightmare
Pairing: Johnny/Rafelle/Charlie
Warnings: R/NC-17
Date: Feb 08, '07

'Come on, boy. Two for the price of one. What do you say?' )


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